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(Floppy disk with 80 new rhythms and registrations)

40 new rhythms, each with a variation plus registrations to suit a wide variety of songs like the ones suggested. Categories include COUNTRY & WILD WEST, SWING STYLE, POP + SOUL, SIXTIES MIX and PARTY FAVOURITES SWING STYLE POP & SOUL SIXTIES MIX PARTY FAVOURITES

·  Country 8 Beat (The Blizzard)

·  Country Swing (Wandering Star.)

·  Country Waltz (I Won't Forget You.)

·  Saloon Music (The Entertainer.)

·  Spaghetti Western (Good, Bad & The Ugly.)

·  Country Barn (Hello Mary Lou.)

·  Country Quickstep (Picture Of You.)

·  Pasa Doble Gallop (Ghost Riders In The Sky/Rawhide.)

·  Mute Swing (Walking My Baby Back Home.)

·  Jazzy Swing (Satin Doll.)

·  Smooch (A Nightingale Sang...)

·  Jazzy Swing 2 (Fly Me To The Moon)

·  Stutter Swing (Blue Moon.)

·  Step Lightly (Heart And Soul.)

·  Step Lightly 2 (A Foggy Day.)

·  Hi Hat Swing (Summertime.)

·  Vandross Soul (Turn Your Love Around.)

·  ABBA-esque (Supertrouper.)

·  70's America (Y.M.C.A.)

·  Cool Soul (You Never Know.)

·  Booker T. Swing (Green Onions.)

·  Booker T. 8 Beat (Time Is Right.)

·  Soul Stomp (Band Of Gold)

·  House (Just Another Day.)

·  Sixties 8 Beat (Runaway/Diana.)

·  Telstar (Telstar/Star Trek Theme.)

·  Shake (Shakin' All Over.)

·  Albatross (Albatross.)

·  Pop Rhumba (Under The Boardwalk.)

·  Pop Baion (Stand By Me.)

·  Vegas Gyrations (It's Not Unusual.)

·  Spector Ballad (You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin')

·  Twist (Let's Twist Again.)

·  Birdie Song (Birdie Song.)

·  Birdie Song 2 (Birdie Song Chorus)

·  Party Rock (The Locomotion.)

·  Jive Bunny (In The Mood.)

·  Party March (March Of The Mods/Swingin' Safari)

·  Last Waltz (The Last Waltz)

·  Last Waltz 2 (The Last Waltz Middle 8)


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