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(Floppy disk with 80 new rhythms and registrations)

40 new rhythms, each with a variation plus registrations to suit a wide variety of songs like the ones suggested. Categories include: NEW LATIN AMERICAN, 1980’s CLASSIC POPS, SOUNDS OF GREAT BRITAIN, WALTZING TIME and TELLY FAVOURITES

·  Bossa Nova 1 (More)

·  Bossa Nova 2 (Slightly Out Of Tune)

·  Bossa Nova 3 (Meditation)

·  Bossa Nova 4 (Girl From Ipanema)

·  New Cha Cha Cha (Wheels)

·  New Cha Cha Cha 2 (Never On A Sunday)

·  Square Tango (Jealousy)

·  Tango 2 (South Of The Border)

·  Slow Sixteens (Lady In Red)

·  Eighties 8-Beat (I Just Called To Say I Love You)

·  Organ Reggae (I Wanna Wake Up With You)

·  Ballad 8-Beat (Imagine)

·  Power Ballad (The Power Of Love)

·  Fast 8-Beat (You Can't Hurry Love)

·  Madness Ska (House Of Fun)

·  Elton Ballad (Sacrifice)

·  Barnsley Brass Band (Ilkley Moor Bah't 'At)

·  Scottish Waltz (Mull Of Kintyre)

·  Irish Jig (Irish Washerwoman)

·  Formby Banjo (Leanin' On A Lamp Post)

·  Tower Ballroom (I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside)

·  Regal Brass (There'll Always Be An England)

·  Country Air (Greensleeves)

·  Garden Party (English Country Garden)

·  Vibraphone Waltz (True Love)

·  Mantovani Waltz (Cara Mia)

·  Clarinet Waltz (Carolina Moon)

·  Piano Waltz (It's A Sin To Tell A Lie)

·  German Waltz (The Drinking Song)

·  Dutch Waltz (A Windmill In Old Amsterdam)

·  Pop Waltz (Delilah (Verse) )

·  Pop Waltz 2 (Delilah (Chorus) )

·  Steptoe Swing (Steptoe & Son)

·  Seventies Orchestra (Eye Level (Van Der Valk) )

·  Sweeney Swing (The Sweeney)

·  Flute Waltz (Fawlty Towers)

·  Jazz Waltz (Tales From The Unexpected)

·  Slow Swing (Coronation Street)

·  Soapy 8-Beat (Eastenders)

·  Emmerdale (Emmerdale)


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