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(Floppy disk with 80 new rhythms and registrations)

40 new rhythms, each with a variation plus registrations to suit a wide variety of songs like the ones suggested. Categories include: THE WAR YEARS, NEW LATIN AMERICAN 2, AROUND THE WORLD, FILM FAVOURITES and CLASSICAL SELECTION

·  Old Waltz (Falling In Love Again)

·  Quickstep (Don't Sit Under The Appletree)

·  Waltzing Along (Bless 'Em All)

·  Nostalgic Swing (White Cliffs Of Dover)

·  War Ballad (We'll Meet Again)

·  Farewell March (We'll Keep A Welcome)

·  Sentimental Swing (Whispering Grass)

·  Bar Room Swing (Lilli Marlene)

·  Rhumba Royale (Shadow Of Your Smile)

·  Guitar Rhumba (Carnival)

·  Afro Rhumba (Perfidia)

·  Special Mambo (Mambo Jambo)

·  Latin Ballad (My Prayer)

·  Latin Bolero (My Prayer (Middle 8) )

·  Samba Olè (El Cumbanchero)

·  Trumpet Samba (Y Viva Espana)

·  Italian Rhumba (It's Now Or Never)

·  Italian Waltz (Come Back To Sorento)

·  New Hawaiin (Aloha Hawaii)

·  Jewish Dance (Hava Nagilia)

·  Frenchy (Moon River)

·  Russian Rhumba (From Russia With Love)

·  Finland Dance (The Floral Dance)

·  Spanish Flamenco (Granada)

·  Pink Panther (The Pink Panther)

·  Italian Mood (Speak Softly Love)

·  Miami Vice (Crockett's Theme)

·  Harry Lime Foxtrot (The Third Man Theme)

·  Zhivago Dance (Somewhere My Love)

·  Movie Ballad (Theme From A Summer Place)

·  Dambuster March (The Dambusters)

·  Big Western (The Big Country)

·  Für Elise (Für Elise)

·  Ride Of Valkyries (Ride Of Valkyries)

·  Strauss Waltz (The Blue Danube)

·  Tutti Flutes (Dance Of The Hours)

·  Morning Ballad (Morning)

·  New World Symph. (Hovis Theme)

·  Air On The G String (Air On The G String)

·  Tritsh Tratsh Polka (Tritsh Tratsh Polka)


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