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NBX7 – Sunshine, Sunset Selection


(Floppy disk with 80 new rhythms and registrations)

40 new rhythms, each with a variation plus registrations to suit a wide variety of songs like the ones suggested. Categories include: SUNSHINE SELECTION, ELVIS, HEARTSTRINGS AND TEARS, SCOTLAND THE BRAVE and SUNSET SELECTION

·  Bounce (Hello Summertime)

·  Sunshine Polka (Una Paloma Blanca)

·  Swinger (La Mer)

·  Fun Rock (In The Summertime)

·  Copacabana (Copacabana)

·  Flower Power (San Fransisco (Flowers...) )

·  Fun Rock 2 (Karma Chameleon)

·  Espana (Y Viva Espana)

·  Polka (Wooden Heart)

·  8-Beat (Love Me Tender)

·  Bounce (Teddy Bear)

·  Slow Rock (Can't Help Falling In Love)

·  Waltz (Are You Lonesome Tonight)

·  Beguine (It's Now Or Never)

·  Slow Rock (Wonder Of You)

·  Bounce (She's Not You)

·  Slow Waltz 1 (When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New)

·  Guitar Ballad (Silver Threads Among The Gold)

·  Foster & Allan (After All These Years)

·  Soft 8-Beat (The Way We Were)

·  Slow Waltz 2 (If I Had My Life To Live Over)

·  Sunshine 1 (The Sunshine Of Your Smile)

·  Sunshine 2 (The Sunshine Of Your Smile(Chorus) )

·  Slow Waltz 3 (Pal Of My Cradle Days)

·  Scotch Bolero (A Scottish Soldier)

·  Polka Fun (Donald, Wher's Yer Troosers? )

·  Flower Waltz (Flower Of Scotland)

·  Amazing Pipes (Amazing Grace)

·  Sentimental (My Ain Folk)

·  Scotch March 1 (Loch Lomond)

·  Scotch March 2 (I Love A Lassie)

·  Scotch March 3 (Scottish Working Man)

·  Sunset Ballad (Indian Summer)

·  Twelve Eight (Theme From 'A Summer Place')

·  Sleepy Waltz (A Sleepy Lagoon)

·  Drowsey Swing (Summertime)

·  Spanish Rhumba (Spanish Harlem)

·  Haunting Waltz (Sunrise, Sunset)

·  Summertime Ballad (Sealed With A Kiss)

·  Shadows Ballad (Midnight)


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