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This is a set of disks featuring registrations for various sounds. These are in two-disk sets - Track 1 on Disk 1 is loaded first to load User Voices and any User Rhythms, then Disk 2 is inserted to provide the Menu display with registrations that link to the previously loaded User Voices. The results are truly exceptional sounds. Probably the most authentic sounds that you can obtain anywhere for the EL series! 

These registrations are not copy protected so you can use them as a storehouse for sounds to be saved to your own disks if you wish. With the exception of PREG05, which is in ‘Fingered Chord’, all registrations are without A.B.C. If you wish to use an A.B.C. mode; e.g., Fingered Chord, simply save the required registration to a Registration Memory button and select the A.B.C. mode required, then use the button to play. COMPLETE WITH INSTRUCTION BOOKLET.

  • Page 1: Basics

    16 registrations in display for various sounds

    Page 2: Ensembles

    16 registrations in display for various combined sounds 

    Page 3: Solos

    16 registrations in display for various solo sounds

    Page 4: User Voices

    A complete listing of names of the sixteen new User Voices that are utilised within the registrations. You can try them individually here

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